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Planetarium Bracelet - Solar System Themed Bracelet

Planetarium Bracelet - Solar System Themed Bracelet

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Solar System-designed bracelet for astronomy lovers This bracelet can be used by both and women.

Planet bracelet shows the importance of our solar system and how perfectly it has been arranged by nature.

Gift yourself or your loved ones today for their interest in stars.

Bracelets are a type of jewelry that is not only a fashion statement but also linked with different customs. They are worn by both women and men in the expression of their personal styles and preferences.

A bracelet is normally a hoop, chain, or ornament that is worn on the arm or wrist as an accessory, but most people are not aware of, nor have they considered the possible symbolic meaning that the bracelets that they are wearing. Wearing a bracelet shows off your Style, Power, and Status.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Braulio Kub

sooooo beautifull 😍😍 Love itt

Adeline Friesen

Beautiful bracelet, stones look good.

Madalyn Labadie

Very beautiful bracelet, heavy. Fast delivery in 2 weeks. Recommend

Fabiola Heathcote

Bracelet top for your money. Not all of the stone sparkles, of course, but thanks for those that shine) I liked it. The only thing, I thought that there was a line, not an elastic band, I hope it would be strong.

Mckenna Volkman

Cool bracelet, as in the photo.